Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your minimum order?
How much do we need to spend on each order to work with you?
  • We do not currently have a minimum order quanity.
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Will there ever be a boy born that can swim faster than a shark?
It is one of lifes great questions is it not?
  • Of course there wont, but a greater question is this - what is better? a duck sized horse or a horse sized duck?
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How to make successfull shopping
Please help
  • Go to product page, add product in shopping cart.
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shipping to usa
do you ship to usa - if so, what would be the cost
  • This would depend on the item, size and weight of the package.
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How to subscribe email notifications ?
  • You can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom right of our home page.
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What are your shipping charges ?
  • United Kingdom
    Our threshold for free shipping is £150.  
    Any orders over £150 qualify for free shipping.

    Any orders under £150 carry a £10 +VAT charge.

    All orders to Europe will carry a shipping charge dependant on the size of the order.
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Whats your policy on back orders?
  • Any orders containing out of stock items will not be processed through the B2B.
    You will need to remove the out of stock items from your cart for the order to be processed.
    If you wish to place a back order for a product then contact where we will be
    happy to place the order on our system for you.
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Why is it cheaper to buy as a consumer
It's cheaper to buy Tumble and Fall lights on Ebay as a consumer than trade price from a "trade site" . How is this possible?