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Aru reaches Podium in Oman, Whilst Bryan Coquard sprints to victory again...

Scenic Tour of Oman the highlight in a busy weeks racing.

NRG4Cycling Will Be In Attendance For The London Bike Show!

Brilliant weekend of results for Limar, Astana Direct Energie and Topeak-Ergon

Lovely machined multi-tool with neat ratchet and quality bits for tightening and loosening things – just not chains


Nrg4 Cycling becomes the new UK distributor for Limar. 

This ITM X-One Carbon bar is now sitting atop the handlebar group

Verdict: Great value and performance from these future-proofed 700C all-purpose disc brake wheels

Verdict: 8/10  Impressive performance near that of a traditional frame pump.

xternaYou do get a frame fitting mount included, which attaches using your bottle cage bolts, allowing the pump to sit alongside the cage and water bottleThe Unich is a simple design with very few parts. Inside the handle you will find the rubber hose screwed in place to keep it safe. Unscrew it, pull it out, flip it round, screw it back into place, and you're ready to go.
It feels a bit odd using the pump 'backwards', with the hose exiting the handle end, but it keeps things simple.

Andrew Spencer has been appointed the new Southern Sales Manager for Nrg4 Distribution.

The Kali Maya Enduro Helmet receives a brilliant review & the coveted recommended

logo from Singletrack Magazine.

Aerozine headsets are a best seller and Road cc love them too.

Road cc says the Aerozine BB is one of the lightest they have ever tested..

Ride io love the Kali Maya Enduro Helmet on 1st Look


Ride io hammered a pair of Pro Lite Antero AM 27.5" Wheels for 6 months on the trails of North Wales

They were very impressed...

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